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  1. Dear Blogger, I wonder if you could find time to review our Charity Anthology, ‘Watch & Wait’. Every penny profit from both the launch and the anthology will go direct to the Lymphoma Association UK. I have researched, compiled, edited and printed the book for no charge. In this way, we hope that once established, the book will become the ‘gift that keeps on giving’. 20 authors have gifted their time and stories to it freely. We have a launch in Sheffield on 21st. October as part of the Off The Shelf Literature Festival and as efficient as our council is, they have left us (along with several other important events) out of the brochure by computer ‘accident’. You can see the book for pre-order on Amazon. At the top of the page you will see a full list of the great, good and generous who have contributed. Amazon on their part manipulated their software especially to allow us to show the whole list. I have the file in whatever format you could require and could send immediately.
    I respectfully make this request knowing full well how busy you must be but, in being let down by others in the way we have been, I must try everything in my power to rescue the event on behalf of the charity.

    Thanks for listening,

    Bill Allerton

  2. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :) You can see more about it in my blog post:

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