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Star Treatment

September 11, 2017

I have so far traveled to Madrid in June, Velencia in July and I got back from Barcelona yesterday in September . I always fly by using easy jet. Not once have they taken off on time on leaving gatwick and returning from Spain. The only reason I fly with easy jet is that the flight are affordable. Well we can’t all be like the rich and famous with owning our own private plane.


So how do the famous like Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift and Lewis Hamilton fly? They are now among those who are making London Luton the top spot for their exclusive planes. And when it comes for them to leave the celebrities hang out in the Signature Flight Support lounge of the private jet terminal of course. With complimentary food and drink. Not like the rest of us in the airport we have to que for ages just to get a sandwich!!  All the celebrities can check in, go through a dedicated security screening and that’s not all they even have their carry-on carried on for them. Unlike us we struggle with suitcases and handbags. Wait for this when the celebrities plane is ready, they’re chauffeured by limousine right to its door.

The good news is that easy jet has teamed up with the people behind this elite lounge to make it available to its customers departing from Luton airport. For people wanting that luxury experience it most certainly seems a lovely way to start a romantic honeymoon. I’m not quite sure if you’re get dedicated security screening and your bags carried on for you with the limousine to the aircraft door . But hey we might not be Hollywood superstars, but you may feel like one.  A bit of luxury once in a while does us the world of good.

Have you ever seen someone famous at airport? I most certainly haven’t.


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