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September 7, 2017

Cruel to Be Kind Cathy Glass

A must buy must read

Paperback Published by Harper

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Saying No Can Save a Child’s Life


Fostering six-year-old Max got off to a bad start when his mother telephoned me with complaints even before he moved in.  She was in hospital recovering from an operation and I had been asked to take care of her son.

Although I’d heard plenty from Max’s  mother and social worker, I had very few details about Max himself and I struggled to hide my shock when he arrived. Looking after Max was clearly going to be a completely new challenge.


Cruel To Be Kind by Cathy Glass was going to be a blog tour but due to blogger’s being on holiday it got cancelled. Right now I’m in Barcelona and uploading my review. I personally don’t think that is a good enough excuse not being able to do a blog tour because of being on holiday. There’s always somewhere where you can get internet connection in most parts of the world. I travel a fair bit and I go nowhere without my iPad. I always make sure I read the book well in advance to do a blog tour or a review. I then upload all my information before I go to Spain, then all I have to do it click publish.

If you are thinking of fostering children, Cathy Glass gives you the right information that you need. Fostering includes the whole family, so everyone has to be fully committed. Foster carers are required to keep a daily record of the child or children that you may be looking after. The daily log will include appointments the child’s health and well-being,education, significant events and any disclosures the child may make about their past. When the child leaves the record you have made is placed on file of the social services. Many children who come into care have unsafe and dangerous behaviour because of their early experiences. The child’s social worker will call round and usually wants to see the child alone incase there are any issues the child wants to raise  and didn’t feel comfortable mentioning in front of their carer.

Cruel To Be Kind is about Max a six-year-old boy that weighs eight stone where he movements have become restricted. His teeth are decaying and he has to wear age twelve year old clothes.  Max an intelligent and charming boy is staying with foster carer Cathy Glass while his mother recovers in hospital after having two toes amputated. A must buy must read.

A few lines from Cruel To Be Kind



His mother is in hospital having two toes amputated and there have been complications. Oh dear. I am sorry, I said. Max is going to be very upset when I tell him he won’t be going home, Jo, Max’s social worker, continued. It will be the first time he’s been in foster care, although family are well known to the social services. I’m anticipating collecting him at the end of school and then bringing him straight to you, so I’m afraid he’ll just have what he stands up in. Don’t worry I’ve got plenty of spare clothes. I already knew that Max was six years old. Good. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some of his belongings tomorrow. I’m going to see his mother, Caz, this evening after I’ve brought Max to you. She wants him to visit her in hospital. This evening I asked, aware that it would be late and Max would already be very unsettled. Yes. And you want him to go to school tomorrow? I needed to know so I could make arrangements to take him.






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