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August 12, 2017

The Book of Luce L. R. FREDRICK

Hardback Published by Hodder & Stoughton

Hardback published 10th August 2017

My obsession begins in the magical year 1967, at Luce and the Photons’ legendary last secret gig. That night changes my life: I must know who Luce is. But the deeper I dig, the more questions I turn up. Is Luce a rock star or a pretender? An artist or an acid trip?My redemption . . . or my delusion?Drawn into the machinations of mysterious powers, I become the dark shadow who follows the light of Luce. But who follows me? Are they agents of evil or figments of my imagination? And do they follow me still?The quest for Luce will lead me to the farthest corners of the earth and into the deadliest danger. I will lose everything and everyone I love . . . except for Luce.Who is pawn and who is player? Murderer or victim? Betrayer or saviour? I am the only one who knows the truth.This is the truth.This is The Book of Luce.
David Mitchell meets David Bowie in a mind bending literary quest. The book of Luce is a very long book of 539 pages. I have to be honest this book isn’t for me. Lots of authors and people from the media have read this book. Joanne Harris commented A marvellous dark and intricate literary gothic novel. Financial Times have stated Richly ambitious one cannot help but be swept away by Fredricks bold intentions. Easy Living called The Book Of Luce Descriptively, conceptual and emotionally captivating. The Daily Mail has written Beautifully written. I made this statement about what people are saying in the media to help you decide if this book is right for you.

Extracts from some of the pages

page 1

Some may find it offensive that I, of all people, should write the story of Luce. Others may find it ironic. It may well be both, but it is also the completion of the task I began fifty years ago.

A few lines from the introduction

Everyone has heard of Luce and the photons, yet to this day no one knows who they were. The Human album is cited as a seminal influence by artist from the Beatles to Philip Glass, John Tavener to David Bowie, John Cage to Brian Eno, and is widely acknowledged as among the most important musical statements of the twentieth century. It is certainly one of the most enigmatic, though nowhere near as enigmatic as its creator. Luce appeared on the cover of every major publication from Life to Oz, presenting the designers with unique challenges of representation. Times got it best, I think in their edition of 10 March 1967, creating an illustration reminiscent of Magritte’s The Son Of Man a halo of white hair, a rakishly tilted bowler hat and, where the face should be, a shining question mark. The caption read, simply human?

A few lines from The Secret Gig

Cryptic Clues. A Trap Street. An Invitation. The Rose Blotter. The Camden Catacombs. The Chosen Ones. Frankenstein and the Cat-girls. Luce’s Kiss. London April 1967.

It begins in the dark. From somewhere ahead of me, a small whimper. Excitement? Fear? Many people are afraid of the dark, but I have always found it soothing.





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