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August 11, 2017

Give Me the Child Mel McGrath

Hardback Published by HQ 12th July 2017

Amazon Hardback £9.99

If you haven’t read Give Me The Child I hope you will make it your very next read. 

Caitlin loves and trusts her husband Tom, they both have a beautiful daughter, Freya together. Then one evening the door goes. Her husband has a shock for her. The police have just brought his daughter that Caitlin didn’t know he had . The little girl’s mother had just died at home from carbon monoxide poisoning. Ruby wanted to stay with her dad. Caitlin’s never once in all the years suspected her husband of cheating, let alone of having another child. Tom kept secrets away from his wife Caitlin, but just how many secrets does Tom have? Caitlin can’t get over Tom’s lies and his cheating. When Cat brings up the fact that Ruby his daughter is deeply disturbed and she fears that Ruby is bullying their daughter Freya, Tom gets angry with Caitlin. I’ve never read a book with so many twist in.

If you like me you enjoyed THE GIRLFRIEND BY MICHELLE FRANCES                    SAY NOTHING BRAD PARKS,  MY HUSBAND THE STRANGER REBECCA DONE     Then you will definitely want to read Give Me The Child by Mel McGrath.







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