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Extract From Love Like Blood Mark Billingham

August 11, 2017

I thought it would be nice to do an extract from one of my favourite books by the author Mark Billingham

Extract from Love like Blood by Mark Billingham

The conversation stopped as soon as the woman they had come for arrived. They watched Nicola Tanner’s car slow, stop, then reverse expertly into a parking space a few houses down from her own. They watched the woman get out and retrieve something from the boot. They held their breath as she locked the car with a remote and began walking towards her house, saw her lit for a second or two as she passed beneath a streetlamp. Good she’s got bags. Why is that good? She ‘s got her hands full. She’ll be distracted. Ok. Their whispered breaths were briefly visible, eyes on the woman as she stepped to avoid a slick of leaves on the pavement and hitched her shoulder bag a little higher. What do you think is in the bags? How should I know? They look heavy. Doesn’t matter. They moved out of the shadows and across the road as the woman turned on to her front path. Quickly, but not too quickly, trying to time it right, heads down and hooded, ready to turn and walk casually away should anyone come along. A dog walker, a nosy neighbour. Emerging from between cars, they were coming through the gate as the woman pushed in her door.


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