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August 9, 2017

Fearless Jonathan Northcroft

Paperback Published by Headline

 Paperback on Amazon £9.98 

I wanted to read about football for a change. My partner who is football mad, I am sure you ladies do know what I mean, don’t you? While I always have my head stuck into a book I do glance up from to time and watch a bit of football.

The Amazing Underdog Story of Leicester City, the Greatest Miracle in Sports History. Many books examined Leicester City’s glorious, unexpected victory but only Jonathan Northcroft’s account really understood its significance. Jonathan Northcroft is a football correspondent.  A few lines from the book that I enjoyed reading. Why couldn’t you beat a richer club? I’ve never seen a bag of money score a goal. A bag of money has never scored but plenty have promised assist. And there were Leicester, little Leicester, back in their box. The banknotes of all the big clubs in the world seemed weigh down the lid. Neglected players with nearly a manager from a nonentity city top of the Premier League? Their run had been nice, fun but this was February and football awaited the moment it would end. Now it seemed the moment was here.


Welcome to Leicester City. They were always a club with a difference but in 2015-16 they created a story that in modern football stands unique. Who could believe it: from relegation certainties to champions of England?

5,000-1 shots when the campaign started, Leicester’s transformation has been remarkable. This is the most incredible cast of written-offs, grafters, misfits and journeymen, coming together in a special time and place to simultaneously have the season of their lives.
Fearless will document Leicester’s hunt of their impossible dream. It will tell the greatest football tale of the Premier League era, in loving detail, with the inside track.




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