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July 16, 2017

The Chalk Pit Elly Griffiths

The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries 9 – The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries

Paperback Published by Quercus 13th July 2017

Pages 400

Paperback Amazon £3.85


Dr Ruth Galloway knows few reasons why someone might boiled human bones.
Cannibalism in Norwich? It seems unlikely, but the old tunnels under the city have spawned plenty of legends. When Dr Ruth Galloway discovers the bones are no more than five years old it seems a hideous crime has been committed.
DI Harry Nelson has no time for grisly stories. A local homeless woman  disappeared and the only trace of her are rumour that she’s gone ‘underground’. Nelson is not inclined to take this literally, and yet..
When another rough sleeper is murdered and a second woman vanishes, Ruth and Nelson must face the possibility that the underground is more than a legend. They’d better unravel its secrets before it claims another victim.


I really enjoyed reading The Chalk Pit by Elly Griffiths. I would most certainly read more books by Elly. The Chalk Pit I definitely recommend as Forensic archaeologists Ruth Galloway is an amazing bright interesting believable character.

Ruth Galloway the head of Forensic archaeologist is searching for a body in the underground medieval tunnels in Norwich. The tunnel is from the castle to the Guildhall. Quentin Swan, is planning to build an underground restaurant below Guildhall. The bones that were found happened to be buried and not bricked up.
In the chalky rubble the human bones are seen immediately, however the skeleton isn’t whole. Ruth won’t be able to say how old the bones are until she gets the carbon-14 analysis results. Unfortunately a surveyor disrupted them digging for samples. Ruth was a clever woman good at her job who was confident and didn’t seem to care what people thought about her.
 I was so fascinated by the Chalk pits and the underground that checked it out. It is a true fact that Norwich was mined for chalk in the chalk mines. The chalk in Norwich is relatively soft and can be easily dug. It is also true that Norwich is riddled with ancient secret tunnels criss-crossing beneath the city linking various landmarks to the castle and Guildhall.



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  1. I find archeology fascinating so I think I’d like this! 🙂

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