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July 10, 2017

Mothering Sunday Rosie Goodwin 

Paperback Published by Zaffre 27th July 2017

Hardback Amazon £5

It’s 1884, Nuneaton. Fourteen-year-old Sunday Small has been in the Nuneaton workhouse since she was abandoned at birth. The regime is cruel, and if it weren’t for Miss Beau – who comes in every week to teach the inmate children their letters, – and her young friend Daisy, Sunday’s life would barely be worth living. And now she’s attracted the unwelcome attention of the workhouse master, who will stop at nothing to get her alone and will not take no for an answer.

It’s time for Sunday to strike out alone in the world. Leaving behind everything she knows, she must try to make her fortune. She’s driven on by the promise she made to come back for Daisy, and her secret she dream of one day being reunited with the long-lost mother who gave her away.
But she’s about to discover that, try as she might to escape, the brutal world of the workhouse will not let her go without a fight.


Treetops Manor, Hartshill near Nuneaton September 1870

‘ Still no news?’ The maid paused to stare coldly at the tall, handsome man who was pacing up and down the long landing like a caged animal, before answering. ‘No, more’s the pity. The poor lamb is havin a terrible time of it.”It will be worth it if it is a boy.’ Sir Ashley Hunter said unfeelingly.She glared at him, making no attempt to hide her dislike. Zillah had never wanted her young mistress to marry him in the first place but the girl had been besotted by him. ‘She should at least have had a proper doctor to attend her,’ She grumbled as she made a pass at him. He caught her arm in a grip that made her wince with pain and his handsome face turned ugly as he ground out, ‘The midwife I selected is more than capable.’ Aye, of keepin  her mouth shut, the maid thought, but she didn’t say it aloud. ‘ And just remember, if it is a girl… A shudder went through her as he went on, You know what you must do otherwise it will be the asylum for your darling and the workhouse for you.

My review

Mothering Sunday is a riveting and heart-warming new saga from bestselling author Rosie Goodwin. It’s the Sunday Times best seller that is now available in paperback. Rosie deserves all her success. She is a very talented story teller. I can see her definitely going all the way to the top. Rosie is a master of craft writing about the complexity of relationships, and the hardship of life, the ties of family and the joys of love and friendship.

The author

Rosie Goodwin is the author of over twenty best selling novels. She is the first author in the world to be allowed to follow three of Catherine Cookson’s trilogies with her own sequels .





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