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July 9, 2017



A psychopath is loose in London. Detective Joe Stone must hunt the serial killer before a gangland civil war breaks out. Detective Joe Stone has worked hard to reduce crime in and around London’s West End. The London Mafia had been instrumental in the operation, but is now being targeted by a serial killer. Stone is in a race against time to find and stop the psychopath before a gangland civil breaks out.


Marcia awoke from a deep sleep with a jump. She lay still for a few seconds, deciding whether her front door had been forced open, or if the noise was in her dream. Surely no one would dare break in to her home? She reached over to her bedside cabinet and picked up her mobile phone. The display read 02.00. A few more seconds passed by without incident. It must have been a dream. It was then her wooden stairs creaked. Marcia’s pulse quickened with the realisation that there was an intruder in her home making their way up towards her bedroom. She began to feel frightened. If only her fiancée was here beside her now instead of a few nights ago. She quickly dialled 999 on her phone. The operator answered straightaway. Emergency services, which service please? Police, Marcia whispered. There was another creak, but this time from behind her bedroom door. Transferring, replied the operator. Marcia ‘s heart was thumping. There had to be a way to defend herself. It was then she remembered her defence spray in the bedside cabinet. As she rolled over to open the drawer, the bedroom door flew open, slamming against the wall. She shrieked in fear, frantically pulling open the cabinet drawer. Then, just as she found the spray, taking hold of it in her left hand the sudden weight of the intruder diving on top of her lightened her grip. A gloved hand grabbed her left wrist hard forcing it against the cabinet, causing her to release the can onto the wooden floor.


I highly recommend reading Loose Cannon it’s electric with intense chapters. Marcia was the daughter of Chico Stettsi, Head of the London Mafia. So why did someone break into her home and bundle her into a waiting car. And why did they make an explosion to the property that belonged to the daughter of the London Mafia?




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