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July 2, 2017

Fatal John Lescroart

Paperback published by Headline

Paperback Amazon £6.29

pages 343



When Kate confesses to her oldest friend Beth that she’s obsessing about a married man, it’s alarming news. As a San Francisco police detective, Beth knows first-hand the destructive repercussions of infidelity.

But Kate can’t get Peter Ash out of her head. And soon her fixation leads to one intense encounter.

Six months later Peter Ash’s body washes up on a beach and Beth is assigned to the case, with no idea of Kate’s connection. And as the pool of suspects narrows it will soon become clear just how fatal one mistake can be.


I love reading about affairs.

Kate confesses to her best friend Beth that she is obsessed with a married man. This clearly is a line of danger just waiting to happen wanting to see a married man, specially as Kate is a married wife herself to Ron. The married man Peter Ash that Kate was obsessed with happened to be on Google. Kate of course would have to careful just incase her husband Ron looked at her iPad. Looking at her iPad she found out that Peter Ash was a successful partner for a law firm. With her weird obsession she then checked out his wife Jill who Kate discovered that Jill worked as a Realtor. Kate’s fantasy was stupid as she did love her husband Ron. He was a great man, a rock-solid provider, and more than an adequate lover plus he was the best father that she could have imagined. So why was she moving towards doing something that could ruin her marriage for a silly crush on Peter who was a married man?  What ever was Kate Jameson thinking of ? She phones Peter Ash at his law firm office asking him to meet her at her hotel room as she has something to talk to him about a legal matter in private. Once Peter Ash arrives at her hotel room a Do Not Disturb sign is fitted to the door. Just how far are they going to go? Peter is a happily married man with twin boys.  Six months later disaster strikes Peter Ash’s body is washed up on a beach and Kate’s best friend Beth is assigned to the case. I highly recommend reading Fatal, you be glued to it as Beth has no idea that of Kate’s connection with Peter Ash. With a pool of suspects could Kate have killed Peter ? I totally loved every page this is why I give my many thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy to review.



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  1. The voice of raaynotliti! Good to hear from you.

  2. Good review. I read FATAL a few months ago. I have enjoyed all of John Lescroart’s books, particularly because they’re set in San Francisco, my favorite city. Many of his books contain the same characters, whom I’ve gotten to ‘know’ over the years. Maybe that’s why Fatal was not one of my favorite Lescroart books – it’s a stand alone without any of those characters. But still, he’s a great author!

  3. Hello roughwighting I’m so glad that you have taken the time to contact me about John Lescroart’s other books as Fatal was my first book that I have read by John L. I would like to read more of his books. Any suggestions what I should read next by John L?

  4. Enjoyed your review of Fatal…sounds intriguing :o)

  5. Id certainly read another book by John Lescroart .

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