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June 30, 2017

Hawk’s Cross By David Collenette

Published By Book Guild

Paperback 220 Pages

Paperback £6.99 Amazon

A gripping adventure of an innocent man forced to question his own nature by David Collenette.

Abandoned at birth and escaping the oppressive atmosphere of a care home, Matthew Hawk has established a reasonable existence living on the streets of London, his only income coming from a remarkable and unique talent. This solitary resourceful lifestyle suits Matthew until he crosses paths with Ethan Connelly, a wealthy and extremely powerful man with a desperately dangerous mind, who throws Matthew into a deadly and terrifying game with no hope of success.

Desperately trying to find a way out, things get worse when one of Matthew’s few friends is abducted. Close to despair, Matthew makes an unusual friendship with a man sent to kill him. Together they flee the country to try to make sense of what is happening but time is running out.

Can they rescue his friend in time? Can they discover the motives behind the vicious psychopath bent on destruction and put a stop to his deadly game? Will they survive?


David Collenette was adopted at birth. David found his parents in his thirties,  having all ready written a number of short stories, to find that his birth father was a published author. This has been David’s encouragement to keep on writing and to finish his debut novel, Hawk’s Cross.


I loved every page. What made me enjoy Hawk’s Cross was simply for the fact that it was so unique. Matthew Hawk was abandoned as a baby, he had been homeless. Well not exactly homeless he don’t have a home. He chose to be without a home and had done so quite successful for the past eight years. He is twenty-three he thinks. This part I loved. In a hotel room Matthew was sitting at the bottom of a wardrobe in the dark feeling pretty cramped and losing the feelings in his crunched-up legs waiting until 5pm because after that the hotel rooms would have been cleaned, then it will be ok for him to climb out. I loved reading about how Matthew has his routine down to quite a fine art. I really do highly recommend Hawk’s Cross about Matthew Hawk’s page turning adventure. The best news is that the next Matthew Hawk’s series is out in the autumn 2017. I can’t wait! 

With my hand on my heart I truly would like to thank book guild for sending me a copy to review. I totally loved it all.


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