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June 29, 2017

The House of Birds By Morgan McCarthy

Paperback Published Tinder Press 1st June 2017

Pages 454  

Paperback Amazon £8.99

When Oliver’s girlfriend Kate inherits an elegant but crumbling old house in Oxford, her first instinct is to get rid of it. It’s been the object of a decades long family feud, so all she wants is to fix it up and sell it on.

Oliver volunteers to take on the renovations. But the longer he spends in the house, peeling back its layers and sorting through it curiosities, the more he seems that secrets are held within its walls. Then,  among the dust-coated books, Oliver uncovers the  diary of Sophia Louis from the 1920s, and finds himself drawn into her world one of passion and loss, in which the scars of war have yet to heal. And as Oliver turns the final page he’s left needing to know who was Sophia, and how did her story end?

MY REVIEW  I lavished every character and every page. The House of Birds is almost a character in itself. Although the house seems so real I’m afraid it isn’t based on an actual place. I loved reading about the relationships between Anthony and Leonora, and that of Oliver and Kate and course the relationship that Oliver has with Sophia Louis, when he uncovers her diary in this beautiful story. My favourite character in this story was actually Oliver. There are some fantastic plot twist at the end of this novel that all readers will enjoy. I have tried to keep the story of The House Of Birds a big secret, but I do hope all readers enjoy reading this beautifully plotted novel as much as what I did.



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