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June 29, 2017




AMAZON £8.22

Dennis Lehane An optometrist in suburban Boston, Donald is sure that he and his wife, Viv, are both devoted to their two children and each other. Then Mercury – a gorgeous young thoroughbred with a murky past – arrives at Viv’s stables, and as she begins to ride him, dreams she had harboured and relinquished for the sake of her family are rekindled; dreams that soon morph into consuming desire. As her infatuation with the thoroughbred escalates to obsession, it seems there is nothing – and no one – she will allow to stop her this time around. Though Donald may have 20/20 vision, he is slow to notice how profoundly Viv has changed, and how much these changes threaten their quiet, secure world. But by the time he does, it is too late to stop the catastrophic collision of Viv’s determined ambitions ..
MY MOTHER CALLED ME after a favorite uncle, who was in turn called a Scottish king. Donald III was sixty when he first ascended the throne in 1093. He went on to reign  twice, briefly and disastrously. As a child I hated my name other children sang ”Donald, where’s y’er troosers?” in the playground but as an adult I have come to appreciate being named after a valiant late bloomer a man who seized the day. Of  course most Americans, when I introduce myself, are thinking not about Scottish history but about a cartoon duck. They are surprised when I tell them that a Scot invented penicillin and that James VI,  for whom the Bible was so gloriously translated, was a keen amateur dentist. I used to believe that in my modest fashion I was contributing to the spread of Scottish values thrift, industry, integrity. I have my own business, a full-service optometrist’s.  In a town outside Boston. More than most people, I have tested the hypothesis that the eye is the window to the soul.
Give us a child until the age of seven and he is ours for life, the Jesuits famously claimed, so perhaps it was my first ten years in Scotland that inoculated me against American optimism. I am pleased by an average day, and I know I am neither great nor awesome. What’s more, I don’t believe other people are……
 I would like to thank the publisher for sending me a copy of Mercury and inviting me to cover the blog tour.


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  1. This was such an epic novel. It is totally bonkers but it also teaches us some harsh life lessons 😀

    • Totally agree with you it’s absolutely bonkers that’s why I chose to do an extract and not a review.

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