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I Know My Name C. J. COOKE blog tour

June 13, 2017

I would like to thank the publisher Harper collins for sending me a proof copy to review and for inviting me to do the blog tour.

I Know My Name was on my to read list so when I was asked to join the blog tour I was overjoyed.

I Know My Name By C. J. Cooke

Published By Harper collins 15th/6/2017

Paperback 400 pages

Available To Buy On Amazon £7.99

Knommeno Island, Greece I don’t know where I am, who I am. Help me.

A woman is washed up on a remote Greek island with no recollection of who she is or how she got there.
A new mother disappears without trace, leaving everything behind
Potter’s Lane, Twickenham, London: Eloise Shelley is officially missing.
Lochlan’s wife has vanished into thin air, leaving their toddler and twelve-week-old baby alone. Her money, car and passport are all in the house, with no signs of foul play. Every clue the police turn up means someone has told a lie…
Does a husband ever truly know his wife? Or a wife know her husband? Why is Eloise missing? Why did she forget?
The truth is found in these pages…


I loved reading I Know My Name by C. J. Cooke. This psychological drama story was inspired by her creative work in mental health. I am so excited for the author as a TV adaptation is in development. There are no spoils in this review, I am going to keep the darkest moments to this psychological thriller story top-secret.
On the 16th March 2015 Kommeno Island, 8.4 miles northwest of Crete a girl is washed up. She was lucky her boat didn’t capsize before it hit the beach. The people who have rescued her tell her their names. But the girl feeling physically weak and battered can’t think clearly, yet her own name won’t come to her.She doesn’t know where she is or who she is.
17th March 2015 Potters Lane, Twickenham, London. It’s after midnight, Wife Eloise is officially missing. She was at home that night shortly before seven making pancakes. But sometime between ten and one while the children were a sleep in their beds she disappeared from the family home. The suspense lingers in the air, where has Eloise gone?
I recommend reading I Know My Name then you will find out why Lochlan’s wife vanished into thin air.





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  1. I’m reading the proof too, its great to see another persons opinion.

    • I hope you enjoy reading the proof copy as much as I did. Love your dog website. My dog died a few years ago he was 11. Had a good life.

      • So far I’m loving it ! Thank you for stopping by sorry to hear about your dog, they really pull at our heartstrings don’t they?

  2. It certainly is a heart break when a dog dies as they become part of the family. A man just recently went to the gym and left his 3 dogs in his car with no windows open and they died. The man broke down in tears. I can’t believe how stupid pet owners are who leave their dog in the car in this heat with no windows open.

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