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May 12, 2017

I would like to say huge thank you to Red Door for inviting me to take part in the first novel Child Taken by Darren Young.

Child Taken Paperback Amazon £8.99

Are you lost sweetheart?

Sitting in the kitchen, the last thing the man expects his wife to bring back when she popped to the shops is a young child.

They should have taken her back, faced the consequences done the right thing. But what happens when that innocent child instantly begins to mend a broken wife, and fix all that seemed unfixable?It’s not quite easy now. 

Twenty years later, another missing child, a lucky interview and the curiosity of a story-hungry trainee journalist throws up questions about what really happened to Jessica Preston when she disappeared from that beach all those years ago. When the journalist comes across someone with a secret from their past, it threatens to reveal what’s been covered up for so long.


A must buy- must read!

I liked the front cover with the little girl in a pretty yellow dress on the beach, that is related to this story of Child Taken.

How can a mother not know where her little girl was on the beach? Absolutely chaotic on the sand, people everywhere, noise everywhere.

When Jessica went missing, strangers kept telling the mother their find her and that she couldn’t have gone far.

The mother might not have known where she was, but she knew her little girl had been taken.

The woman who took Jessica said

‘Hello sweetheart, are you lost?’ ‘Don’t get upset, we’ll find her.’ Tell you what, why don’t we get you a nice big ice-cream and then go and look for your mummy?’

Why did this woman take a child from the beach? Was she in control of her actions on that beach?

And what about the shell-shocked mother on that beach, wandering around looking this way and that, without a clue where to look next for her precious little girl. The poor mother would hardly be able to sleep at night knowing that someone has taken her.

It is hard to write a book and get it published, your all are most probably like me we will never bother trying with all the long hours, countless re-reads and edits and repeated rejection that knocks back your confidence.

I am so glad that Darren Young persevered and chased his dream to give us readers an excellent thrilling page turning novel of a unthinkable crime for us crime thrillers lovers.




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  1. I wasn’t part of the blog tour, but Red Door sent me a free copy as well and I reviewed it on my blog too! I really enjoyed the book, and it was such an exciting experience to get a “proof” copy. It would be great if you could take a look: Thanks! 🙂

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