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FAITHLESS Kjell Ola Dahl

May 10, 2017

Faithless by Kjell Ola Dahl – Oslo Detectives 4

Paperback Amazon £8.99

Oslo detectives Gunnarstranda and Frolich are back and this time, it’s personal …

When the body of a woman turns up in a dumpster, scalded and wrapped in plastic, Inspector Frank Frolich is shocked to discover that he knows her and their recent meetings may hold the clue to her murder. As he ponders the tragic events surrounding her death, Frolich’s colleague Gunnarstranda investigates a disturbingly similar cold case involving the murder of a young girl in northern Norway and Frolich is forced to look into his own past to find the answers – and the killer – before he strikes again.

Dark, brooding and utterly chilling, Faithless is a breathtaking and atmospheric page-turner that marks the return of an internationally renowned and award-winning series, from one of the fathers of Nordic Noir.


The godfather of Nordic is back. It’s so easy to read Faithless as a stand alone novel. I found the story easy to follow. What I liked about this story is that it had characters from all different religions and nationalities .   Oslo detectives Gunnarstranda and Frolich are back, and this time it’s personal.  Lets get this straight Frolich arrested Veronika Underset as she was leaving Zahid’s house at the crack of dawn. When Policeman Frolich  looks in her bag he had found some cocaine. Veronika claimed that she didn’t know how the cocaine came to be in her bag. When Frolich is invited to Karl Anders fortieth birthday party, who did Frolich see there? And who is his friend about to marry? unexpected twist of your worse nightmares are about to unfold. A murder, but who is murdered, why and by who? An African girl is missing. Can Frolich with cop’s mind solve the jigsaw puzzle of a murder and a girl missing? Or will detective Gunnarstranda solve the murder?




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