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May 8, 2017

The Dragonfly By Kate Dunn

Paperback Amazon £9.99

When Colin discovers his son is on a murder charge in France, he trails his small boat, ‘The Dragonfly’, across the channel to stay in Paris to try and help him. There he meets his grand-daughter – the irrepressible Delphine – for the first time. They embark on an exciting boat journey through the picturesque French canals, heading south through Burgundy, ‘until the butter melts’.

Along the way, they catch up with Tyler, a spirited American, and through various mishaps and misunderstandings, they land big fish, cultivate new loves and uncover a burning secret.

But can Colin finally help his son get off the hook?


I was drawn into this book from page one. Colin builds a boat at the bottom of his garden and names it Dragonfly. When a letter arrives by airmail it was a letter from his boy after all these years. My heart ached for Colin his letter by his own son started of Colin. Not Dear Colin or Dad or even Dear Dad. The letter was informing Colin that Charlotte had died very suddenly it was an accident. She fell down their stairs at their home in Paris. Delphine was coping well as possible. I wasn’t expecting this part to happen. The police arrived and explained to Colin that they have been contacted by the French police. Michael his son has been arrested in connection with the death of his partner Charlotte Duvoisin. A kind-hearted dad who hasn’t seen his son for ten years makes the trip to Paris as he will fight Michael’s freedom, no matter what it took. Colin hadn’t even met his nine-year old granddaughter and Delphine had never met her grandpa.  Michael was a good boy. He wouldn’t hurt anyone. He just wouldn’t. So how did exactly Charlotte fall down the stairs in their home and die? Colin takes his granddaughter for the summer back with him. Delphine has to speak English or her grandpa will not be able to understand her  if she speaks in French. Colin and Delphine spend time on the Dragonfly. We are taken through the harrowing time where Michael is in a prison hospital wing. The Dragonfly is a remarkable novel with French and English. I liked the fact that part of the family had come from Paris in France and mixed the storyline back to England. The Dragonfly is short listed for the Virginia prize for fiction.  I really highly recommend The Dragonfly by Kate Dunn.




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