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May 8, 2017

Like Other Girls  by Claire Hennnesy published by Hot Key Books 25th May 2017

Paperback Amazon £7.99





Here’s what Lauren knows: she’s not like other girls.

She also knows it’s problematic to say that – what’s wrong with girls? She’s even fancied some in the past. But if you were stuck in St Agnes, her posh all-girls school, you’d feel like that too. Here everyone’s expected to be Perfect Young Ladies, it’s even a song in the painfully awful musical they’re putting on this year. And obviously said musical is directed by Lauren’s arch nemesis.

Under it all though, Lauren’s heart is bruised. Her boyfriend thinks she’s crazy and her best friend has issues of her own…so when Lauren realises she’s facing every teenage girl’s worst nightmare, she has nowhere to turn. Maybe she should just give in to everything. Be like other girls. That’s all so much easier …right?


I thought that Like Other Girls by Claire Hennessy was well written and the voice of  young Lauren was exactly right.

 Lauren is writing a diary from week  zero, day four.

Lauren does have a boyfriend, but she may have a crush on girls.

She’s in an all girls school at St Agnes’s and she is having sex.

My favourite lines in this book is when Lauren tells a girl I’m going to see my boyfriend.

As soon as she had said that Lauren felt like an idiot. The girl had given Lauren a weird look and said Okay. Uh have a good time. Lauren felt a bit defensive so she added, Just incase you thought I was checking you out. So you know. Get over yourself. Shut up Lauren oh my god. Her face had never been so hot in her entire life.

This story is set in Ireland where it is illegal to obtain an abortion that has a reference to abortion in this story line . Also pop culture and a play, classical music is a reference in Like Other Girls.



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