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May 5, 2017

Gone Without A Trace: Her Boyfriend Has Vanished. Now Someone is Watching Her.

A Must Buy Paperback Amazon £8.58 

No one ever disappears completely…

You leave for work one morning.

Another day in your normal life.

Until you come home to discover that your boyfriend has gone.

His belongings have disappeared.

He hasn’t been at work for weeks. It’s as if he never existed.

But that’s not possible, is it?

And there is worse still to come.

Because just as you are searching for him someone is also watching you.


A MUST BUY – MUST READ  I personally loved reading every page. Hannah had just got promoted at work. Who better to share the fabulous news with but her boyfriend, Matt. When Hannah gets home to Matt, all his belongings had disappeared from the house. Four years they had been together. How can Matt just walk out without an explanation?  When Hannah tried to find Matt to phone him, she didn’t have his number and hadn’t got any previous text messages to find his number. He had vanished completely, he had closed all his on line accounts of Twitter Facebook. And there is worse more in store for Hannah someone is watching her. Keep on reading everyone because there are many twists at the end that you won’t see coming. Highly recommend by me. 



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