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April 12, 2017

What Goes Around: The Best selling Psychological Thriller Paperback £7.99 Amazon 

If someone took away your perfect life, how far would you go to get it back Ellen.s family is her world.

So when her husband leaves her for another woman, she is almost destroyed. But not quite. Because Ellen has a plan, a way to make those who have hurt her suffer.

Leila is the other woman. She finally has everything she ever wanted. But Leila’s brother has come back into her life, raking up the past that needs to stay buried.

One of them will pay for their actions with their life, but which one?


As much as Julie enjoys writing, she thinks that she might have given up but for the help of friends and family. Thank goodness that Julie Corbin has never given up writing. I really enjoyed reading What Goes Around. I think that Julie Corbin is a great writer. I follow Julie Corbin on Goodreads.

About What Goes Around. Leila is a therapist, the new woman Tom loves. Leila is the woman Ellen hates for taking her husband Tom, and her house. Leila’s brother is involved with Ellen, he claims he is only involved with her as a way of protecting his sister Leila and by staying close to her enemies.

Nail biting tensions builds up between the ex wife Ellen and Tom’s new woman Leila and Leila’s brother who has come back into Leila’s life.

One of them will come to a fatal blow. I highly recommend reading What Goes Around.




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