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April 12, 2017

Before the Fall Paperback £5.59 Amazon

A private jet plunges into the sea with only two survivors the young son of the family who charted the plane now heir to a TV mogul’s fortune and a man who only chanced to be on board at all, down-on -his-luck artist Scott Burroughs,the hero who saved the boy’s life.

But nothing is simple when big money and even bigger reputations are at stake. In the media storm that follows questions start to be asked. Is Scott Burroughs as innocent as he seems?


I loved reading this thrill of a ride story.

Scott is a single man approaching Fifty, a notorious womanizer and a recovering alcoholic,and a struggling art. He was going to New York to meet with his rep and talk to some galleries about doing a show. His plan was to take the ferry to the Mainland. But Maggie Bateman invited him on a private plane. Scott almost didn’t go. But he did. The private jet plunges into the sea. Scott saved the life a four-year old boy. Questions are asked as to why did the private jet crash?



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