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March 27, 2017


A Presence of Absence (the Odense Series Book #1 Paperback Amazon £9.99

A Presence of Absence is the first book in The Odense Series. Although this is a solid crime novel, it also begins and ends with grief for many of the characters, personal demons and life decisions.
A gritty murder case gets in the way of the characters’ everyday lives and sends the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish city of Odense, into a panic.
British detective Simon Weller escapes the fallout from the recent suicide of his Danish wife, Vibeke and heads out to her home city of Odense. But once there he is paired up with a local detective, Jonas, who is also about to his rock bottom in his home life, and they must overcome their differences and personal problems to try and catch one of the worst serial killers Odense has ever seen.
The case takes them back into past decades as history starts catching up with some of the local inhabitants. When Simon realises that his wife’s suicide may not be all it seems and her name appears in the cas, his integrity within the case is compromised, how far will he go to find out the truth of Vibeke’s past and hide it from his already troubled police partner?
Back home in London Simon’s family are struggling with their own web of lies and deceit and the family is falling apart.
With one family hiding a dark secret, the whole case is just about to reach breaking point. 
My review
Sorry but I have to be truthful

 I am doing the blog tour for this book. I was sent a proof to read. what I am unhappy about is the fact that in this proof copy there is no blurb about this book inside the cover or on the back cover. I have had to turn to goodreads for the blurb of this book to add on my book site. I wasn’t even sent an information sheet about the book or the authors. I do love reading short books and I really enjoyed reading this story a little. I did however like the fact that A Presence Of Absence has only 253 pages.



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