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March 17, 2017


Being a fan now of Anne Buist after reading Medea’s Curse in 2016 I was over the moon when Legend press asked me if I would like to host the blog tour for Dangerous To Know.

Dangerous to Know: Shocking. Page-Turning. Crime Thriller with Forensic Psychiatrist Natalie King – Natalie King, Forensic Psychiatrist 2 Paperback

On Amazon £8.99 Waterstones £8.99

Natalie King is back: back from a stay on the psych ward. Her reluctance to live a quiet life has contributed to a severe depressive episode, and now it’s time for a retreat to the country, and a low-key research job at a provincial university nearby.

But Natalie and trouble have a strange mutual fascination. Her charismatic new boss Frank is friendly, even attractive. But it turns out his pregnant wife is an old enemy of Natalie’s. And when Frank’s tragic personal history is revealed – then reprised in the most shocking way – Natalie finds herself drawn deep into a mystery. And even deeper into danger.



Anne Buist is back again with an another fast-paced psychological crime thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.
Natalie King is back from a stay on the psych ward. Natalie takes Lithium to treat manic episodes of bipolar disorder.
Frank Moreton who is Natalie’s new friendly boss has problems of his own. His first pregnant wife thirty-nine-year old Reeva died. She had been dead too long for the baby to have survived. Reeva had made a lethal miscalculation with her insulin. Frank’s second pregnant wife died and his child. Could it have been an accident that two wives both pregnant died?

Natalie finds herself deeply drawn into the mystery and deeper into danger.

Anne Buist is a fabulous writer and I certainly hope that she will write many more plot-twisting books.




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  1. This sounds intriguing! Haven’t heard of this author before!

  2. I enjoyed this story so much that I definitely recommend it

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