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March 8, 2017

What She Never Told Me Paperback On Amazon £7.99

I talked to my mother the night she died, losing myself in memories of when we were happiest together. But I held one memory back, and it surfaces now. I see a green post box and a small hand stretching up to its oblong mouth. I am never sure whether that small hand is mine. But if not mine, whose?

Louise Redmond left Ireland for London before she was twenty. Now, more than two decades later, her heart already breaking from a failing marriage, she is summoned home. Her mother is on her deathbed, and it is Louise’s last chance to learn the whereabouts of a father she never knew.
Stubborn to the end, Marjorie refuses to fill in the pieces of her daughter’s fragmented past. Then Louise unexpectedly finds a lead. A man called David Prescott …but is he really the father she’s been trying to find? And who is the mysterious little girl who appears so often in her dreams? As each new piece of the puzzle leads to another question, Louise begins to suspect that the memories she most treasures could be a delicate web of lies.
Louise Redmond mother dies from cancer. Her her mother kept so many secrets from Louise. Marjorie, Louise’s mother never filled her in with the information of who her father was and where exactly he lived. After Louise’s mother died Louise struggles to find her real father.
Although I know how hard it is to write a novel, I’m afraid I did struggle myself getting through this book. I’m also really sorry to be honest here but I wouldn’t say that What She Never Told Me is a must buy, must read. It’s just an ok read. But I do recommend reading What She Never Told Me. Although I didn’t like this story to the extent of my usual high-flying reviews, I am definitely going to read Kate McQuaile’s new book.  



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