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March 3, 2017



Someone Else’s Child Paperback On Amazon £7.99

Some people will go to any lengths to have a baby

All she wants is a baby of her own

Lucy Wakefield wants a child more than anything. So when she finds a seemingly abandoned baby in a store, she sees it as a sign. She doesn’t mean for it to go as far it does.

Little does she realise the impact her reckless decision will have on the heartbroken family she leaves in her wake – or on the daughter she raises as her own.

Mia Wakefield has always known she was adopted, but now she is about to discover the devastating secret of her birth – and the lengths her mother went to…


100% an excellent page turner.
Lucy Wakefield takes a baby girl from a shopping cart in IKEA. She takes the baby home and keeps the baby girl by changing the baby’s name to Mia.
One fatal day Mia in her twenties discovers that she was stolen as a baby and is reunited with her real birth mother.
But who will Mia think as her mum?
I don’t want to spoil this good story so I haven’t told readers a lot of what happens.
I highly recommend reading Someone Else’s Child as it is a very moving story twisted with maternal love.
I am so glad that I bought my own copy of this book as it has been worth every penny.



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