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March 3, 2017


Eyes Like Mine:  Dark and Gripping Hardback £7 On Amazon

The call comes in just after five in the morning.

I am immediately on guard because every body knows that nothing good happens before seven. Not with a phone call anyway.

I’ve never heard the name Everett Walsh before, but according to him I may  know something about a missing girl. I consider not meeting him but he sounds desperate and if there’s one thing that draws me more than persistence, it’s desperation.

Even though finding people is part of what I do for a living, what would I possible know about a missing girl to warrant a girl this hour?

Nora Watts isn’t sure that she wants to get involved. Troubled, messed up, and with more than enough problems of her own, Nora doesn’t want to revisit the past. But then she sees the photograph. A girl, a teenager, with her eyes. How can she turn her back on her?

But going in search of her daughter brings Nora into contact with a past that she would rather forget, a past that she has worked hard to put behind her, but which is always there, waiting for her . . .
Eyes Like Mine is a female-driven psychological suspense novel.
Bonnie Bronwyn went missing two weeks ago. She has run away before. Everett Walsh and his wife Lynn thought Bonnie was going camping with friends. But she lied and stole all the money that they had in the house and a bank card. Everett and Lyn think that Bonnie has been drinking and taking drugs. Bonnie was obsesses with finding her biological parent, she had been on one the sites that reunite adopted children with their biological parents. Nora Watts gave up her child for adoption fifteen years ago, she isn’t sure if she wants help find the missing teenager Bonnie. But when she sees the photograph of Bonnie how can Nora turn her back on her? Nora Watts is a new heroine for our time.

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