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December 9, 2016




First of the Tudors Joanna Hickson

Published by Harper 1st December 2016




There was a time when England knew nothing of the Tudors. One man would change that forever.

Jasper Tudor has a grown up far from the intrigue of life at Court. When he and his brother Edmund are summoned to London, their half-brother, King Henry VI, takes a keen interest in their future, arranging powerful alliances and making the young men Earls.
But the Court is a volatile and dangerous place. With a fragile king in thrall to a domineering queen and self-serving courtiers,Jasper needs all the courage and the favour of the heiress Margaret Beaufort if he is to survive.
As the Wars of the Roses wreak havoc on the realm, Jasper must fight for the Lancastrian throne if the Tudors are to fulfil their royal destiny.
Westminster Palace London
Flashes of IRIDESCENCE GLEAMED like fireflies in the gloom of the small tower chamber. I stared at the river of fabric as it settled in graceful waves across the bed. It was the intense blue of noon sky, yet it glittered with the gold of midnight stars. ‘Do you think she will like it?’ Edmund asked.

Joanna’s books have drawn comparisons to the likes of Philippa Gregory and Suzannah Dunn and are alive with historical detail, she brilliantly evokes both the domestic everyday lives of those living in the Tudor era and the intrigue and machinations of the Royal Court.

First of the Tudors focuses on the life of Jasper Tudor, son of Queen Catherine of Valois and her second husband, Owen Tudor, as the Wars of the Roses wreak havoc on the realm. Loyal brother to a fragile king and his domineering queen, Marguerite of Anjou, Jasper must draw on all his guile and courage to preserve their throne − and the Tudor destiny…

Every now and then I like a change from my normal crime fiction and I will read a book from the historical genre.

Joanna Hickson has a brilliant new novel flowing with characters who have passion and betrayal within the Tudor family.

I enjoyed reading First of the Tudors so much that I will be reading about Harri Tudors story in Joanna’s next novel The Crimson Crown, which will pick up from where First of the Tudors finishes. I do hope that readers will join me we will discover more about the characters Jasper, Jane, Sian, Davvy and Margaret Beaufort as well as many new historical characters.

First of the Tudors is perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory, Anne O’Brien and C.W. Gortner.



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