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December 1, 2016



Published 17th November 2016 by Allison and Busby

A bright June morning. A mother and daughter are run over and killed on the road to Uppsala. Was it an accident or deliberate attack? That same morning the deceased woman’s husband also disappears. He recently bought a property in the Dominican Republic, but when a macabre discovery is made in a nearby forest it becomes clear he hasn’t departed for sunnier climes.
It is up to Inspector Ann Lindell to piece together the clues and motives that tore this family apart.
I can see why Kjell Eriksson has been nominated for the best Swedish crime novel. I couldn’t put Stone Coffin down.

It broke my heart Emily was born and the very next day her grandmother died. Every anniversary of her death they walked to the church and laid flowers on her grave. Tragically when Josefin Cederen and Emily was on their way to the church they were both run over and killed. Was it an accident or was it done deliberate? To add to the twist on the same morning that the mother and daughter were killed in a hit and run, Josefin’s husband went missing. The story is quite sad as Josefin was pregnant when she died. Can the story take more twists? Josefin’s husband had a lover. Inspector Ann Lindell is leading a murder investigation. Did the husband kill his wife and child? If he did what would be his motive?

Next I would like to read Open Grave by Kjell Eriksson.



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