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November 18, 2016



The second instalment in the internationally best-selling Leo Junker series.

In downtown Stockholm, a sociologist is found stabbed to death.
The only clues the police have to work with are his cryptic research notes, which suggest that the killer is going to strike again and soon.  Newly returned to the Homicide Unit after a murder investigation in which he was the intended victim, Leo Junker is put on the case.But before he can get started,  the case is abruptly reassigned to the security service.
Despite threats to stay away, Leo presses on with his covert investigation. Soon he finds himself entangled in a violent clash between a racist gang and their rivals, and enters a war that is being waged on the streets, in the public eye, and in the shadows.
It is December nearly Christmas when a loner sociologist Thomas Markus Herbert was stabbed to death. His mobile phone is missing that has possible been thrown into the bottom of Lake Marlaren. Every one agreed that this was a strange and complicated story as no one knew why Thomas Herbet had been stabbed. Leo Junker noticed a little boy looking at the canopy over the body of Thomas. It appears that six-year-old John Thyrell, most certainly saw the murderer. Could he be their only witness? Thomas Herbet died on his way to an interview on his Dictaphone. Leo Junker wants to find the Dictaphone as the killer maybe someone Thomas knew or interviewed. I recommend The Falling Detective as it is wonderfully written and I love the very different fresh idea for a crime scene. Christoffe Carlsson is certainly a name to watch out for.
Published by Scribe in paperback November 2016



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