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November 11, 2016




Death is a hard habit to break.

Former Chief Constable Bob Skinner has uncovered his fair share of shocking crime scenes over his thirty-year career.
But none could prepare him for the sight he finds stowed in the back of a stolen car that collides with his on the outskirts of Edinburgh.
As his former colleagues investigate, Skinner takes on an unusual commission of his own.
The body count rises, motives appear, the hunt goes global, and potential conflicts surface. In his new guise, is Skinner is on the side of the angels…or working against them?
I had read and reviewed only one other book by Quintin Jardine Hours of Darkness that I really enjoyed. I really enjoyed reading Private Investigations too. There is always something about Quintin books that keep me glued to the pages. I was so surprised that Former Chief Constable Bob Skinner had left the police force after thirty-years. But once a cop always a cop. When Bob is in an accident in his car. At the scene he needs police attendance and paramedics. It’s a heart breaking scene, a little girl who looked to Bob about the same age as his young daughter was in a car dead. A well-constructed fast paced crime novel with believable characters.
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