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November 9, 2016



One missing girl.

Two million suspects.

Everyone’s watching. Nobody sees.

Ruby is a vlogger, a rising star of YouTube and a heroine to millions of teenage girls.
And Ruby is missing.
But adult go missing everyday and most turn up sooner or later.
Then the video’s uploaded
 Ruby, in the dirt, pleading for her life.
What started out as a missing persons case soon escalates into a media frenzy.  DI Kate Riley, the Met’s rising star,  is the head of a new elite team, of investigators, which includes DS Zain Harris, poster boy for multiracial policing.
As they dig deeper into Ruby’s disappearance, they soon realise that the world of social media is much darker than anyone could have imagined. 
And the video’s keep coming
Young Ruby Day just went out for a walk. DS Zain Harris received a report of a missing girl. Missing Ruby Day where are you? Was she alive? Had she been in an accident? Or did she just need some alone time? Why have you gone? Had she had any trouble with any over jealous fans from her full-time occupation vlogging? Ruby has over two million subscribers. That’s two million suspects. Ruby’s mother and father told police that Ruby does have a boyfriend Daniel Grant. He’s another vlogger and the parents aren’t too keen on him. The reality awful truth could be that Ruby Day had not just disappeared but someone may have taken her. With the very short chapters this story is really easy to follow. This is a bang-on trend thriller you won’t forget. Readers don’t miss it.

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