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Gatwick Airports Gate 559 NO LIGHTS ON STAIRS

November 5, 2016

I fell down the stairs in Gatwick North terminal 559 due to no lights on. Gatwick broken health and safety regulations with no lighting. I  could have had to of had hospital treatment and then I could have missed my holiday due to no fault of my own.  The stairs were lit up to the second to last step. As I carried my suitcase down the stairs due to no lights on for the last step, I actually missed the last step due to it not being lit up . I thought I had ended walking down the stairs once it became very dark with no light on.  It was pitch black & I  missed the last step stepping over it thinking I had finished walking down the stairs, missed the last step completely like you would in the dark . I went crashing into the wall banging my head and shoulder in gate 559. I did not see the last step as it was too pitch black that leads into the pitch black hallway where the double doors are open for passengers to walk onto runway to east jet plane.  flew to Madrid 03 Nov 2016 on east jet flight EZY8283 Time 18.40 it was dark by then. Gatwick have failed on health and safety not lighting all public areas specially the stairs and hallway.

Health and safety regulations for events where lighting will be dimmed or extinguished stairs, ramps, & egress paths must be illuminated by safety lighting.  Safety lighting must be a separate supply to or emergency lighting & Must Not Be Dimmed or Modulated.

I have emailed my complaint and have let Easyjet know that I am putting falling down their stairs due to no light on, on my website. I have also used Twitter to Twitter them . I am disgusted with not lighting up a public area causing me to hurt myself.  I will be following my complaint by a written letter to easy jet . I will publish the letter if they take the trouble to reply.


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