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November 3, 2016


Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay

Published in Hardback and ebook on the 12th January 2017

Published in paperback on the 15th June 2017


MEET ME AT BEACHCOMBER BAY is a romantic, funny and unputdownable new novel about love and friendship from Jill Mansell, bestselling author of THE ONE YOU REALLY WANT and YOU AND ME, ALWAYS – ‘
Jill Mansell creates wonderful characters and believable story lines that capture both your heart and imagination from the off  The Sun.
Love is in the air in St Carys, but you’d never know it – the people of this seaside town are very good at keeping secrets…
The man Clemency loves belongs to someone else. She has to hide her true feelings – but when she ropes in an unsuspecting friend to help, wires start to get crossed.
For the first time in Ronan’s life his charm has failed him in winning over the woman he wants. Loving her from afar appears to be his only option.
Belle seems to have the perfect boyfriend, but something isn’t quite right. And now a long-buried secret is slowly rising to the surface.
The truth has a funny way of revealing itself, and when it does St Carys will be a very different place indeed…
First of all as much of a fan I am of Jill Mansell, I hate this cover. It is not inviting and holds nothing into this fabulous story line. I wonder who here is responsible for this cover? I think this is Jill Mansell’s best story ever. I just loved every page. I honestly did find this book totally unputdownable   Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay is really a must buy for all Jill Mansell’e fans or romance lovers that would be new to Jill Mansell..Clemency just about makes her plane home. During the flight she is swept of her feet by the man sitting next to her and gives Sam her card with her number on. Clemency would like to see Sam again but he is married and can’t see Clemency. Belle is Clemency sister and when Belle introduces her new boyfriend to Clemency, she has the surprise of her life. And now Clemency may have to tell Belle a hidden secret. I highly recommend ordering your copy now.



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  1. I love Jill Mansell, bummed I have to wait until June for a copy of this. It sounds fantastic, great review!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. I do hope that you get to read it when it comes out. It is certainly my favourite novel of Jill Mansell so far. I have just gave it to my mum to read.

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