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October 21, 2016


Harper Fiction 20th October £20


No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Cornwell delivers the twenty-fourth engrossing thriller in her high-stakes series starring medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta.
‘Cornwell’s books run on high octane fuel, a cocktail of adrenalin and fear’ The Times
Forget the pretenders.  Cornwell resigns Mirror
Patricia Cornwell is recognized as one of the world’s top bestselling crime authors with novels translated into thirty-six languages in more than 120 countries.
Her novels have won numerous prestigious awards including the Edgar, Creasey,
Anthony, Macavity, and the French Prix du Roman d’Aventure prize. Beyond the
Scarpetta series, Patricia has written a definitive book about Jack the Ripper and a biography and has created two more fiction series among others.

Cornwell, a licensed helicopter pilot and scuba diver, actively researches the cutting-edge forensic technologies that inform her work. She was born in Miami, grew up in Montreat, NC, and now lives and works in Boston.


On a summer evening in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dr. Kay Scarpetta and her investigative partner Pete Marino respond to a call about a dead cyclist. It appears that a young woman has been attacked with almost super human force.
Marino and Scarpetta’s FBI agent husband receive suspicious calls, allegedly from Interpol. But why would the elite international police agency be interested in the case? The calls are linked to anonymous cyberbully Tailend Charlie, who has been harrassing Scarpetta for over a week. But even her tech savvy niece Lucy can’t trace the person behind them.
A second death, hundreds of miles south, shocks Scarpetta to her core, suddenly she is confronting something far more dangerous than she could ever imagine. Because when the residue in the victim’s wound is analysed, the result shows a material that doesn’t exist on earth.
Chaos is Patricia Cornwell’s twenty-fourth engrossing thriller and the very best of Patricia Cornwell. I highly recommend Chaos. This hardback would make a lovely present specially with Christmas in a few months time. Chaos is ideal for a fan of Patricia Cornwell or a newcomer to Patricia Cornwell’s books.
In the quite of twilight, on an early autumn day, twenty-six year old Elisa Vandersteel is killed while riding her bicycle along the Charles River. It appears she was struck by lightning except the weather is perfectly clear with not a cloud in sight.  Two twins find the body, they don’t seem to understand the different kinds of trouble they can get in to. Like stealing. Like tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice. Who is this dead young lady Elisa Vandersteel she can’t be found on the internet in London or anywhere?.
Dr Kay Scarpetta, the Cambridge Forensic Center’s director and chief, decides at the scene that this is no accidental Act of God. Her investigation becomes complicated when she begins receiving a flurry of bizarre poems from an anonymous cyberbully who calls himself Tailend Charlie. Through subsequent lab results support Scarpetta’s  conclusions, the threatening messages don’t stop. When the tenth poem arrives exactly twenty-four-hours after Elisa’s death, Scarpetta begins to suspect the harasser is involved, and sounds the alarm to her investigative partner Peter Marino and her husband, FBI analyst Benton Wesley.
She also enlists the help of her niece, Lucy. But to Scarpetta’s surprise, tackling the slippery Tailend Charlie is nearly impossible, even for someone as brilliant as her niece. Also, Lucy can’t explain how this anonymous nemesis could have access to private information. To make matters worse, a venomous media is whipping the public into a frenzy, questioning the seasoned forensics chiefs judgment and a quack cause of death on a par with spontaneous combustion.
Published by Harper Collins 20th October 2016



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