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October 8, 2016



Published by Sceptre 8th September 2016

Source from bookbridgr

If you can’t find a way to help your daughter, your lovely fire-bright girl who thrills and confounds you, who spells every swear word perfectly well. If you can’t do that, then you’ve failed as the most important task you’ve ever been given.

When the Hammond family arrives at Camp Harmony, deep in the wilds of New Hampshire, it is not for a holiday.  Alexandra and Josh’s oldest daughter Tilly, is on the autistic spectrum and her increasing anarchic behaviour has been wreaking havoc. In desperation. they’ve turned to Scott Bean, a charismatic, self-styled parenting guru with a new solution a camp for families with difficult children, run on radical lines. But what the Hammonds encounter amid the woods and log cabins will push them to the very limit.

Narrated in turn by Alexandra and by Tilly’s eleven year-old sister Iris.

I personal found this story very hard to get in to.

What the authors are saying

Every child has the potential to break a parent’s heart. In this gripping, timely novel, Carolyn Parkhurst follows the Hammond family as they give up everything to build a community that will allow both their daughters to thrive, an experiment that test their resilience and ultimately reveals the healing power of love.  Kim Edwards

She has composed the perfect blend of humour, suspense, and compassion in this fascinating tale of a family taking a crazy risk to save themselves absolutely riveting. Jami Attenberg




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