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October 2, 2016



Published in hardback by Century on 22nd September 2016.

The international Number One Best Seller.

A son goes missing.

A stranger comes home.

For ten long years two boys have been missing.
Now you think you’ve seen one of them.
He’s a young man. And he’s in trouble.
Do you approach him? Ask him to come home with you? And how can you be sure it’s really him?
You thought your search for the truth was over. It’s only just begun.
What the media are saying.
The master of double-twist. The Times.
Harlan Coben is simply one of the all-time greats – pick up any one of his thrillers and you’ll find a riveting, twisty, surprising story  with a big, beating heart at its core. Gillian Flynn.
Harlan Coben’s accomplished plotting shows why he tops the best sellers lists, and his supporting characters are as memorable as ever. Sunday Times.
Harlan Coben, the absolute master of tense and punchy, has pulled off another tightly plotted treat for crime fans. Superb stuff. Sunday Mirror.
Harlan Coben draws the disparate plot strands together with masterly authority. Financial Times.
Harlan Coben, the king of twisty thrillers, returns. This is worth turning off your phone for! Closer.



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