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September 7, 2016



In 2004. In Bampton, Derbyshire, Lena Fisher is arrested for suffocating her husband, Andrew.
Spring 2016. A year after Lena’s release from prison, Andrew is found dead in a disused mortuary.
Who was the man Lena killed twelve years ago, and why lie about his identity? When Lena disappears, her sister, Kat, follow a trail of clues delivered by a mysterious teenage boy.
I really enjoyed this new novel A Deadly Thaw. Sarah Ward is climbing the ladder getting better with her crime stories. On the twentieth of September 2004, Lena Fisher now Lena Gray, awoke to find her husband, Andrew, dead in bed. Lena was sent to prison, but in 2016 a year after she was released from prison, Andrew is found murdered in a disused mortuary. So which one is her real husband Andrew ? The one she was arrested for suffocating in 2004, or the man who is Andrew found in 2016 ? Twists are all here waiting for discovery. Who was the man who Lena killed twelve years ago? What persist Lena in the first place to lie about his identity? With the police questioning Lena once again, she disappears. She is obviously hiding something. A very promising story. 


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