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September 4, 2016



Three best friends. One tragic accident

Lucy has been desperate for a new heart for as long as she can remember. But getting the call to say a donor has been found will be a bittersweet relief: because for her to live, someone else must die.

Julia, Helen and Phoebe have been fast friends for all their lives, through Helen’s unplanned pregnancy, the sudden death of Phoebe’s mother, and Julia’s desperation to conceive with her much younger husband. Yet a deep friendship can hide many secrets, and as their relationship reaches crisis point, what has long been buried is going to come bubbling to the surface.

With One tragic accident, these four lives will collide and Lucy will get her new heart. But who has made the ultimate sacrifice?


Once again Amanda Brooke has written another fantastic story. Three friends and one tragic accident. Julia and Paul’s relationship had been under constant strain. Julia is scared that she won’t be able to have a baby and that Paul her husband will leave her. She had been having so much trouble trying to conceive. There had been an accident. Paul is put on a life support machine. Julia and Paul did talk about Organ donation but he didn’t want to donate his organs. Lucy has been desperate for a new heart, will she get a new heart?. The characters in this story all have a different approach about organ donation. What I particularly liked about this story is that friends and relationships hide many secrets but will they come bubbling to the surface? Amanda Brooke got part the idea for this story as in search for a bone marrow donor for her son who very sadly lost his fight. Amanda Brooke is a clever writer who always puts her character through emotional issues.


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