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September 3, 2016



‘This is about three deaths. Actually more, if you go back far enough. I say deaths but perhaps all of them were murders.

It’s a grey area. Murder, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. So let’s just call them deaths and say I was involved.

A fresh start. A new home. A time to make friends. A chance to hide from her past.

University life offers all these things to Penelope Sheppard.

But her secrets define her. And they may yet kill her…’


Intrigue, betrayal and murder…deliciously dark

Pen Sheppard best friend killed herself, but why? Pen gets a fresh start at Law School. The place was overrun with people who she despised. The Murder Game was billed as a way of getting to know everyone at college. They were given a victim who they had to pretend to kill by trapping them alone. A recent attack take place in the college grounds by someone wielding a screwdriver into their victims. Three deaths all murders, but who is responsible for the murders? The police make investigations into the murders of three students, but it appears that Pen Sheppard’s name is already known to the police. And why does Pen have to see a psychiatrist? This is a brilliant story were every student at the University has secrets. A great novel where who done what and why. 


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