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August 10, 2016



The depths of winter in the isolated Yorkshire Dales and a teenage girl is missing.
Steven Rutter, a destitute loner, harbours secrets. Nobody knows the bleak moors better than him, or their hiding places.
Obsessive, taciturn and solitary, DS Brindle is relentless in pursuing justice. But he is not alone in his growing preoccupation with the case. Local journalist Roddy Mace has moved north from London to build a new life. Can this assignment be his redemption?
As Brindle and Mace begin to prise the secrets of the case from tight-lipped locals, their investigation leads first to the pillars of the community and finally to a local celebrity and fixture of the nation’s Saturday-night TV. ‘Lovely Larry’ Lister has his own hiding places, and his own dark tastes.
A tour de force of plotting and atmosphere, ‘Turning Blue’ is a terrifying, gripping tale of hidden lives, and hidden deaths.
“A queasily compulsive evocation of a wild and brutal Yorkshire landscape, informed and haunted in equal measure by the shades of Jimmy Savile and his monstrous deeds and the East Riding’s lost boy of crime fiction, Ted Lewis.”
Cathi Unsworth, author of ‘Without the Moon’ and ‘Weirdo’.”
Ben Myers is the master of English rural noir and with ‘Turning Blue’ he has created a whole new genre: folk crime. It is by turns gripping, ghastly and unputdownable. I’m already looking forward to the sequel.”
Paul Kingsnorth, author of ‘The Wake’ and ‘Beast’.
Benjamin Myers is a new author that been brought to my attention by this gripping thriller. Nothing stays hidden forever in the Yorkshire Dales. What we have here is a Detective Sergeant Jim Brindle who has a strawberry birthmark covering half his cheek and jaw, he is so rude that he doesn’t care how he speaks to any one. But DS Brindle is one of the best in Cold Storage that was designed to solve crimes. Fifteen year old Melaine has gone missing. At first the police don’t take Melaine missing seriously and suspect she may have runaway because her pocket-money might have been stopped. We have Steve Rutter who keeps himself to himself and is tied to working on his farm. And TV lovely Larry Lister who has a dark side. DS Brindle will turn the place upside down looking for evidence as who has taken Melaine. It appears that Melaine is not the first to disappear in the Yorkshire Dales. Benjamin Myers has the Gift of writing fantastic scenery. You really get the picture of the places described. I highly recommend Turning Blue to all thriller fans.

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