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August 10, 2016



When Anna receives a letter telling her that her father has died, she finds it hard to feel anything very much. She hasn’t seen him for years and can barely remember him. She certainly has no interest in meeting the person who sent the letter her dead father’s girlfriend, Edie. Anna has her own problems to deal with, including a secret she desperately needs to keep buried.
When Leon, a creepy boy from school, begins threatening to reveal Anna’s secret, Anna’s life starts spiralling out of control. With her own mother distracted and distant, she finds herself turning to the warm  and eccentric Edie for support.
But what Anna doesn’t realise is that Edie has some secrets of her own.
The reason I wanted to read The Yellow Room is that I read Jess Vallance first novel Birdy which I totally loved and gave it 5 stars the same I have given The Yellow Room. As I like reading Jess Vallance novels I now follow Jess Vallance on Good reads.
The Yellow Room is about school girl Anna who receives a letter to say her father had died, but her fathers girl friend Edie wants to know if she will meet her. Anna keeps the meeting with Edie a secret. But Edie is keeping secrets of her own. Anna is pestered by an annoying creepy boy who seems to be blackmailing Anna for her time and company. Soon Anna is holding onto a secret of her own that Leon knows all about and is using it against Anna to do exactly what Leon wants her to do. 
I found out why this book is named The Yellow Room and I am not giving any thing away here. I can’t recommend this book enough. Expect a very nail biting read.  I cant wait for Jess Vallance to publish her next novel.

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