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August 10, 2016
Is not knowing worse than knowing the truth?
Jo is five  months pregnant with the baby she always wanted, and on the surface she has the perfect marriage to David, the love of her life. The only thing marring her happiness is the secret she’s hiding from her husband.
She told a lie.
Then David disappears and there doesn’t seem to be any trace of him.  Did the secrets inside his marriage chase him away? Or something much worse?
Would you rather know the whole truth or nothing at all?
Jo is five months pregnant and has a little argument with her husband. After David getting of his train he failed to arrive home. When Jo finally realises her husband is missing, Jo is naturally going through the process grief, not knowing if her husband is dead or alive. The police are searching for him. I do love reading Amanda Brooke’s books, but felt the story did drag on in the search for Jo’s missing husband. I like the fact that Amanda Brooke’s got her idea for this book after reading a news report about a married man who had disappeared without trace. The ending of The Missing Husband is incredibly moving. The most important thing to take away from this novel is that life isn’t as predictable or secure as any of us would like to imagine and when we give our love to others, it has to be with a sense of hope rather than certainty. I will certainly read all of Amanda Brooke’s novels.

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