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August 8, 2016




Patrick Owen managed seven years at Highfields Secondary School without punching a pupil in the face.
Unknowingly drawn into a war against his own pupils, Patrick’s patience finally snaps as he finds himself the number one target with the boy the school just can’t seem to expel.
When one of his Art students needs his help, she unwittingly pulls Patrick further into the line of fire, altering their lives forever. With the media circling and rumours of his involvement reaching new highs, Patrick must escape the world he lives in, or face the consequences.
The Art Teacher is for anyone who is living life plan B whilst dreaming of plan A.
I love this author so much. I have joined to follow Paul Read on Good reads. I adore reading fictional thrillers. If you like reading thrillers too, make sure you order The Art Teacher. Author Paul Read worked in several inner-City schools as an Art, English and supply teacher, both in England and Italy. The Art Teacher contents are not autobiographical. None of the incidents in the pages occurred. There is good reason why this fictional book makes it a page turner it is because it is disturbing how the teacher Patrick has a class that has some violence. And how Art teacher Patrick Owen gets mixed up
into one of his girl pupils family. This is a dark thriller not to be missed it will literally appeal to all readers. I do hope you all enjoy reading The Art Teacher as much as I have. 
This story deals with a controversial topic violence between teachers and students. A fast paced topical and powerful novel, The Art Teacher will have readers gripped from the first sentence.
Published by Legend Press in paperback 1st September 2016
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  1. I like your style of review, Suzanne. They are short, to the point, raise my curiosity. Very nice.

  2. Thank you Marsha. This was one my favourite reads. I can’t wait for the author’s next book.

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