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July 24, 2016



The deadly secrets lie beneath the surface.

Irish runaway. Insomniac. Functioning alcoholic DC Donal Lynch is back.
Donal has been banished to the Cold Case Unit for the past six months, investigating the unsolved murders of several prostitutes. So when another woman’s body  is found in North London’s red light district, Donal leaps at his chance to get back on the murder squad.
The police suspect a serial killer at work, but Donal uncovers evidence that points to a notorious gangland boss. As the body count rises, can Donal keep his personal demons at bay long enough to convince his superirors that he is right?
If not, he’ll have to bring down London’s most dangerous crime lord by himself. Or die trying.
An unputdownable touching story.
Let’s get one thing straight I’m not a psychic cop. I can’t predict the future. Nor do I possess some macabre ability to contact the dead. But something’s not right. Every time I get close to the body of a murder victim, they appear to me in the middle of the night. I’d like to say they turn up in my dreams. They appear when I’m awake, and engage with me. They’re always trying to tell me something.
There’s a red-light district in King’s Cross. The roads don’t go anywhere. They’re all cul-de-sacs. The council put up metal gates at the end of these roads. They were forcing punters to perform a series of tricky three-point turns would put them off. But the punters still came because the girls never left.
A body of a young prostitute has been found. Most of the prostitutes were hooked on smack or crack. Donal from the Cold Case Unit is analysing the unsolved murders of prostitutes in the city over the past few years. It is possible that there are links to this young girl murder and others. The men they fail to catch for the murders of these prostitutes may strike again.
Chilling, brutal, addictive. If you like reading Tim Weaver or James Oswald then your like reading Dance With The Dead by James Nally.

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