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June 2, 2016



Beautiful, creative, a little wild – Edie caused a stir when she walked into Heather’s life. Back when they both had dreams for the future. Before it all went horribly, terrifyingly wrong…
Years later Edie is pregnant and alone, desperately trying to rebuild her life. But someone’s been watching her, waiting for the chance to prove what a perfect friend she can be.
It’s no coincidence that Heather shows up just when Edie needs her the most. A dark secret lies between them and Edie’s about to learn that those who have hurt us deeply or who we have hurt-never let us go…
Watching Edie is a psychological thriller that is a must buy, must read.
I read this book in 2 days. Once I picked it up and started to read I just couldn’t stop. All Heather wanted to do was to be close to Edie. To love her. Look after her. Then Edie ran away without telling anyone.  Edie has secrets of her own, and moves away to London. But then Heather found Edie. Had she been watching Edie? Stalking Edie?. But now Heather has found Edie, she won’t let her go. Edie don’t think about how or why Heather found her, or what this means. Something inside Edie breaks at the sight of the old familiar face, and drops her head on Heather’s shoulder. This is how Heather comes back into Edie’s life. This is how it begins.Was Edie right to let Heather back into her life? Once when Edie and Heather were at school they were the best of friends telling each other everything. But Heather lied to Edie, and equally Edie did something to Heather. This story is breathless, intense and shocking. Watching Edie is a dark tale of obsession, lies and betrayal. This chilling novel, you just can’t miss.



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