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May 24, 2016




Waking up in a hospital bed with her leg in cast, the last six weeks of jill’s life are a complete blank.

All she knows is what she’s been told while in Italy on a school trip she was involved in a fatal accident and had to be jetted home to receive intensive care. Care that involves a lawyer. And a press team.

Because maybe the accident wasn’t just an accident.


With Malice is a must buy must read. It is one of the best books that I have read in long time. A brilliant author who writes such interesting fiction novels. With Malice is about a girl named Jill who wakes up in hospital. Jill had a car crash in Italy on school trip. Her best friend Simone was dead. The Italian police has Jill’s Evidence files. A chilling psychological thriller.
Taken from Italian Police Evidence Files
Every time I talk to you it just ends up in a fight. I never should have slapped you last night, But you never should have said that stuff about Nico either. Don’t you get that I really like him? I’m not stupid-it’s not that I think he and I are going to run away together or something, but I really, really like him. Can’t you be happy for me? You acted like you wanted us to get together, but once we did, it’s like you can’t stand it. I know Nico isn’t likely a forever thing-but I thought you were. We always talked about how someday after college we’d move to New York together and how we’d be in each other’s weddings and work it out so we could have kids at the same time and they could grow up as besties too. And I get that, now that we’re closer to graduation, it starts feeling like this is all just a stupid daydream or something, that we might not even live in the same place-but that freaks me out. I can’t imagine my life without you in it.
I’m thinking we need
Document left unfinished.
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