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May 5, 2016



Bernadette is expert at hiding the truth.

She has built her career as a journalist on her talent for lulling powerful men into a false sense of security, then exposing them in her ruthless profile pieces.
But in Radley Blake, she may have met her match. Immune to her charms, he seems to see through every layer of her carefully constructed act:  right to the truth of who she is inside.
From the moment Bernadette and Radley meet, the chemistry between them is palpable to everyone  apart from Bernadette. Convinced she is in love with another man, and devastated when he announces his engagement to another woman, she sees Radley only as an obstacle in her mission to show him the huge mistake he is about to make.
Talulah Riley’s debut novel is bold and powerful modern love story.
How is it that we strive to control our own destiny, yet still crave a happy ever after?
With all the allure and sharp dialogue you would expect from Talulah’s background as an actress and screenwriter, Act Of Love surprises with its sensitive portrayal of the vulnerability hiding behind even the most confident exterior. It sweeps you up in the tension between Radley and Bernadette, and reminds us that the most powerful relationships are not so much about two people finding each other as they are about that most human quest to find ourselves.
At its heart Acts Of Love epitomises the inner turmoil many women have today at what point do you concede you’d like to find the one without ignoring your strong feminist values? 
Published 11th August 2016 by Hodder & Stoughton



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