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May 1, 2016



As wise and tough and funny as it is beautiful.

Three girls.

One summer.

A friendship that changed their lives.

Have you ever in your life come to realize that everything, absolutely everything, depends on you?

Two days ago, Raymie Clarke’s father run away with the dental hygienist.

But Raymie has a plan if she can just win the Little Miss Central Florida Tire competition, then her father  will see Raymie’s picture in the paper and (maybe) come home.

First, however Raymie have to do good deeds and learn how to twirl a baton.Then she has to compete with the wispy but determined Louisiana Elefante and the feisty, knife-wielding Beverly Tapinski.
 What I liked about this book is that is funny and the reason for Raymie’s father leaving her and her mother pushed the boundaries and came up with a fresh unusual lady to run away with. Raymie Clarke’s father had run away with a woman who was a dental hygienist. Hey, diddle,diddle, the dish ran away with the spoon. Those were the words that went through Raymie’s head every time she thought about her father and the dental hygienist.



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