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April 29, 2016



A devasting call.

An impossible journey. No turning back

When Parker Banks  moves with his family from London to New York, he struggles to adapt to his new school and environment. His scientist dad is constantly at work on a top-secret technological venture for a major corporation.  When one day he is kidnapped. It is up to Parker, along with his deaf sister Emma, their friend Michael and the pet pig their father left behind, to find and rescue him. They have at their disposal the E.F.E. device that their dad has invented to allow the family members to communicate with one another through telepathy.
As their search progresses, it becomes clear that SIX, the project that Parker’s father has been involved in against his will, is a sinister enterprise – an enterprise that poses a threat not only to the Banks family, but to the world at large.
This novel has most certainly been beautifully  written. All the words have carefully been styled to keep the reader glued to every page. When Parker Banks moves with his family from London to New York, he struggles to adapt to his new school. When the teacher ask the class to say who they admire the most it is Parker Banks who is asked.  The class burst out laughing at Parker Banks as he tells the teacher and the class that the person he admires the most is his father, Dr Geffory Banks, because he works on sequencing DNA. DNA is the molecule that instructs each cell in an organism to tell it what to do and can. His father’s work has influenced everything from DNA testing to cloning.  As I am slightly deaf in one ear myself due to an ear infection from a young age, I naturally warmed to Emma, Parker’s sister. Emma is deaf. She had been born with a damaged auditory nerve which meant that she couldn’t hear any sounds at all. I highly recommend Six to teenagers.

Published by Alma Junior


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  1. I met the author of Six, Monica Vaughan at the Cambridge Literary Festival so I was interested to see your review. 🙂

  2. You are so lucky to have met Monica, I enjoyed reading the words in Six as well as the characters and the plot.

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